What Makes BetterChat Different?

Enhanced Campaigning for Customers and Prospects.

Reach the right audience

Share important announcements and updates with your target audience.

Targeted Audience Reach

Disseminate crucial announcements and updates to your specific target audience.

Enhanced Connectivity

Engage with your contacts in their preferred language, fostering stronger connection.

Why choose us

Let's break down the 3 steps for your WhatsApp Campaigns!

  • Approve Template

    Ensure your message template aligns with WhatsApp guidelines and is approved for a seamless campaign.

  • Upload Contacts

    Expand your reach by adding opted-in contacts to your WhatsApp Broadcast list.

  • Schedule Launch

    Optimize impact by strategically scheduling your campaign launch for maximum visibility and engagement.

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Our Features

Comprehensive Communication Suite: Elevate Your Outreach with Personalization, Monitoring, AI, API Integration, Swift Approvals, and Omnichannel Presence


Can I monitor employee-client conversations in real-time using BetterChat?

Yes,BetterChat enables real-time monitoring of ongoing conversations between employees and clients, providing instant insights and opportunities for effective communication and conversions.

How does BetterChat support Omnichannel communication?

BetterChat facilitates unified communication across various platforms, including Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google Reviews, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience for users.

What types of insights can I gain from the Detailed Reports feature of BetterChat?

The Detailed Reports feature in BetterChat provides in-depth analytics, including engagement metrics, conversion rates, and user behavior, offering valuable insights to measure campaign success and refine strategies.

Upcoming Features

Committed to Excellence: Evolving With You - Unveiling Upcoming Features

13 Aug, 2020

Seamless Google Reviews Management with Enhanced Chat Integration

Empower your business with the cutting-edge capability to manage and engage seamlessly with Google reviews, all within an enriched chat experience. Our upcoming feature introduces a revolution in reputation management, allowing you to effortlessly navigate and respond to customer feedback. Elevate your online presence, build trust, and foster meaningful connections with your audience through this innovative integration. Stay ahead of the curve and take control of your online reputation like never before.

05 Sep, 2020

Stay Connected: Easily Manage Your Facebook and Instagram Messages and Comments

Stay connected with your audience effortlessly using BetterChat's new feature! Easily manage messages and comments on Facebook and Instagram to enhance your social media presence. Engage with your community seamlessly, responding to messages and staying on top of comments. Elevate your online interaction with this user-friendly BetterChat upgrade, designed to simplify and enhance your social media experience.

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