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Using tools like Shopify & WooCommerce, send personalized cart abandonment notifications.

Keep customers updated on the status of their orders and shipments.

What Makes
betterchat Different?

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge any
monthly fees. It's just a one-time API cost !!

1 Day Activation

Unlike competitors we don't needs weeks or months to activate your WhatsApp account we guarantee 24 hours WhatsApp activation

Higher Open Rate
And Higher Response Rate

5x more than emails and SMS, WhatsApp has a 98% open rate and a 45-60% click-through rate

And Robust

betterchat is focused on Scalability, Security, Control, and Management.

Integration available for
over 5000+ platforms

Easily automate with

The self-serve WhatsApp platform from betterchat streamlines processes for more than 5000+ widely used Apps and Software's.

Chat with customers over
Zoho CRM's with betterchat

Using template files from your Zoho CRM that have been approved by WhatsApp, you can send out bulk WhatsApp messages within clicks.

improve customer engagement
on your e-commerce website

You can offer your customers more effective customer service by integrating WhatsApp with your e-commerce website. Customers will be able to communicate with you better by being able to ask questions and get answers in real time, which will lessen their frustration.

All Features

Businesses throughout
the world Trust us

WhatsApp Business API helps you
build stronger customer relationships

Custom Notification

Any platform can be used to send automated notifications over WhatsApp

WhatsApp Automation

Reach your desired customer. No matter wherever they are

WhatsApp Marketing

More Sales via WhatsApp. More Leads. Less Stress.

WhatsApp Chatbot

24x7 WhatsApp chatbot to handle sales and support queries.

All Features

Automate any messaging
channel with intelligent bots

WhatsApp Business API helps you
build stronger customer relationships

Boost your return on investment

This can be done by diversifying your investments, looking for long-term investments with relatively low risk, and researching different investment opportunities before committing to any one.

Market to a targeted audience

By targeting a specific audience, you can create a tailored message and promotional materials that will appeal to them. This will increase the chances of them engaging and making a purchase.

Analyze data in real-time

Real-time analytics allow businesses to get insights into their data and make decisions in near real-time. This allows businesses to quickly identify trends and make adjustments to their strategies in order to stay competitive.


Can I use betterchat on my mobile device?

With betterchat, you can chat both from your phone and the web. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

Is it possible to integrate Betterchat with my other business software?

As long as they allow it, betterchat integrates two-way with leading CRM software and other applications.

How much does a demo from Betterchat cost?

Whenever it is convenient for you, we provide our prospective customers with a free demo.

Get Stated in 2
minutes No Hassel !!

After Putting all your information you will get a call our team shortly regarding our services


We Grantee 10X

Our customer love us not because of
simplicity of use. But for the Results

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Served over 3 Continents 56 Nations

We Grantee 10X Growth.

Our customer love us not because of simplicity of use. But for the Results

Served over 3 Continents 56 Nations

made Simpler

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